Create favicon.ico and iOS / Android App Icons


Original image (< 2048KB):

Favicon/ICO USE

1. According to the above process, select the target size, select the local jpg, jpeg, gif, png.

2. Save the .ICO icon as "favicon.ico"

3.Upload the favicon.ico to the root directory of our website

4.Add "<link rel="shortcut icon" href=" /favicon.ico" /> " between the source code "<head>....</head>" on the homepage of the website


<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" />

Favicon/ICO Introduction


The Favicon.ico (icon) can reflect the characteristics of the website to a certain extent, similar to LOGO.


We use the above steps to create our own. Ico icon to add to the Website.


While enhancing the user experience, it also has a certain added value in search results or search engines.

Size requirements

Generally, we make .ico icons with a size of 32 pixels, and upload existing icons not to exceed 175px.


We need to add the Html code to the head area of all websites, and it needs to be displayed on the whole site.

Icon suffix

Personally suggest that the upload material is preferably .png/.jpg, so that the .ico produced is not distorted.